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A Dream that died......

Crave did I, for something so precious to me,
A dream come true, a sensation in few, a new hope to believe...

Sadness a true,  came as a clue, but nothing serious indeed...
But slowly a dew, took away the view, and left only tears to see....

The clue it was, a withering moss, dried somewhere so quietly,
A wild growth, peeped a hope, and took away myself from me.

That withering thought, the dried knot, of love that I carried in my heart beneath,
Vanished away, like a lonely prey, that was hunt somewhere close indeed.

Wandering am I, in a cloud of sigh, my mind like an empty sky of plea,
Nothing so close, a shimmering rose, no reds, no whites, only blacks to see.

Wet in my eyes, my heart that cries, craving still after a hopeless seed,
That will reap a dream, a fearful scream, awaiting the return of lost something.


Show me the Way to Love.....

This little heart of mine,
With a little hope of sunshine,
Cannot identify every line....
Of this speedily running life's rhyme.

Love, is something I may fail to understand,
Understanding is something I may fail to fulfill,
I think deep standing on the brown sand,
While the far waters, lay so still.

One glance of yours, just one it was,
Made that day such a beautiful one,
One word of yours, just one it was,
Made my heart fly, like it was a balloon.

Seeing there in the midst of the sky,
My hopes, my thoughts, they fly so high,
Trying to guess what makes me so shy,
When a shadow of you just peeps me by.

Show my little heart The WAY TO LOVE,
As I want to see how it works,
Dancing in the air, white wings of a dove,
And the heart may not feel any kind of jerks.

Thinking deep and waiting for someone,
Someone who would be all all mine,
Someone who sings in the rhythm of my rhyme,
To take care of me time to time.

Wish in a heart, whosoever I may love,
May or may not be mine.....
Still he may get his serve, to live and love,
From you O Lord, who's world's supreme shine.


Our Friendship Tale......

I have a friend so close to me....
A friend whom I used to believe,
A friend whom everyday I used to see,
Someone's whose friendship was everything to receive.

It all started with groups and games,
Long back some twelve years ago,
Surrounded with all kinds of fame,
And hard to overcome the ego.

Slowly, steadily life gave it all,
Friendship brought us near, gave a loud call.
Friends became we, so difficult to separate,
Laughter and fun started a long brigade.

We shared our sorrows and exchanged smiles,
I believed this friendship would go miles and miles,
But years passed and aware became we,
The future had something else to see.

Misunderstandings, misconceptions, filled in the space,
They started penetrating in, in a slow pace;
No longer were those smiles left to see....
No longer was that friend there for me.

I still remember the day, when we first played Ringa- Roses,
The day when small fights poked in noses.
The day you said, " leadership is yours",
And I thought, what a height of egoism in you pours.

But still today I feel you were the only one,
Who fought with me, still made life a fun,
Who was sensitive enough just like me,
Still didn't ever turn his back to me.

I have a belief, you are still the same,
The same person I gave a nickname,
Shy, quiet, and sweet indeed....
Although a little far, but always there for me.....


A creative mind never sleeps.....even if you are dozing off...your dreams do the job :) and you wake up a new morning fullllll of ideas :) :)


Smile all your Way :) :) :)

Smile, smile and keep smiling all your way....
And see how it makes up each of your day;
Laugh, laugh and keep laughing all day...
And see how it makes your life full with play.

Hey!! Come'on leave all your worries for a while...
And see how laughter takes you away a mile,
Hey!! Come'on forget your sadness for a while,
And see how sweet is your little smile;

Win hearts, but don't loose them;
Join hearts, don't break them;
Accept people, but don;t choose them;
When friends give love, don't forget to love them.

Be happy, as its the only way to Life....
Why to be sad and sorrowful, and murder your life with a knife.?
Great are those days that are spent with joy,
Just play the game my friend, take life as a little toy.

Nothing is permanent, everything goes,
But only those plants reap, whose seeds are sowed,
Smile is that little seed,
Which will surely breed,
And make royal every little deed,
Being helpful in every need.

C'mon now, let us spend some time together,
Spent it wholely in the world of laughter.
C'mon my friemds, let us jump so high...
So that even we can fly,
To touch above that dark blue sky,
And break away all sorrowful ties.


KRIATION....? What does it mean....?

My name is Kriti....and it means Creation. So I decided to pick the initials of my name...KRI,,,and the prefix of its meaning...ATION....and so...KRIATION :) ...


Please Come Back....

I wrote this poem long time back when I was 16. I had a really close friend in my school and things grew bitter between us. But I missed her friendship a lot. This poem was solely dedicated to her.

It all started with a little fight,
The door of our friendship was locked so tight,
At last it opened, as it came out to say,
" Your friendship is granted a bright new day..."

Together we traveled in the same ship,
Our hands had a very tight grip,
The breeze of our lives was so cool,
Filled with love was our friendship pool;

Suddenly it was interrupted by a new form,
The cool breeze of or lives became a worse storm,
Slowly and gradually it cracked away,
In the mirror of our friendship, it had no aid.

Still today, you aren't dat near,
Still today I have a fear,
The one who harmed us, is so close to you,
That's my thought, which may not be true.

PLEASE COME BACK, so that once again,
Forgetting all sorrows, giving up pains,
We get a chance to travel in the same ship,
Holding our hands with a tight grip;

I promise you, if it happens so,
I am sure of one thing, and want to let you know,
No one will dare to break apart us,
And we can be together , without a fuss...

I know, a Mirror with a crack in it,
Cannot be hidden, even a bit...
But still I will wait for your return,
As my dearest friend, nothing wrong have we done.

Is this LOVE????.........

Love, a small four letter word,
A word that is so often heard,
Just four letters, says it all...
And human's heart takes a huge fall,

Fall, for someone, who was once a stranger,
Fall, for something that could be a danger,
Fall, for someone who was a close friend,
Fall, for something which sets a new trend.

Love, what does it mean really,
Love,has it anything to say clearly?
Is it about feelings, emotions and care...
Or does it have to do only with wear and tear.

Does it knock your heart before coming?
Does it make any kind of sweet humming?
Does it come and make you restless forever?
Does it make you feel like you felt never?

Love's a mystery, nobody's understood still,
Its like climbing an unending hill,
Its like paying long-long bills,
Its like eating sweet-bitter pills.

Its an addiction, once had never goes,
An endless ocean where your heart flows,
Sometimes gives you joy and cheers,
Otherwise, only sadness and tears.

It comes with no warnings or alerts,
Everyone will surely lose their hearts,
As Love is experienced by all those alive,
Its something, for which each one of us strives....

The cool breeze Touched my Heart.....

Sunset at Nal Sarover, Ahmedabad
This poem is the first one I ever wrote. I was very much moved with an unusual splash of rain that happened one evening  of the year 2004. I just wrote down what I felt in the form f a poem...and here it goes...

Far beneath the sky I saw,
A never ending beauty,
The green creation that was raw,
After the brown city.

The sky was fresh,
With the clouds that were grey,
The water was good enough to splash,
Followed with the rainy spray.

The breeze was cool,
With joyful thoughts that often came and went.
That green creation was simply cool!
With all those leaves that bent.

Ah! What a wonderful sight, has God given to me today...
Ah! A heartily thanks for such a lovely spray...

Its not winter, nor its hot, nor its a rainy day,
But in short, a mixture of all, to make one pleasant day..

As far as my eyes reach,
There is pure grey in the sky,
And as deep as I can feel,
Is the cool touch of the breeze that just passed by.