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Break - Free

Trapped, it was,
somewhere confused, a bird so low,
Not knowing how to escape,
not knowing where to blow...
Wrapped it was, in a sheet
Of some unknown sorrow,
Not knowing how to unfurl
From the meaningless emotions borrowed.

A cage of gold,
food of the royals,
Served in it was the love to misguide...
Attractive, delicious,
but against its morals,
Mixed was a poison in disguise.

A cage so invisible,
waiting to scare,
How to escape?
would be an all time dare,
To stay or to fly,
choice was there,
Bound within limits,
hidden in some glare.

Strange it is, this bird exists,
within each one of us,
In our closed fists, in our closed minds,
while making decisions, 
When we hesitate to express love
When we stop ourselves from saying an honest word.
But how many times do we realize in real,
that inside us we create a burial
of false thoughts,of false happiness, 
only to cage us even more...

Break-free from wrong thoughts,
Which confuse you from making the right decisions,
Break - free from false promises
Which exist only to create tensions.
Break - free from hesitations
That stop you from expressing yourself
Break - free from the cage of gold
Its only the outer look, not the inner truth.

Vintage Retro print and text with Edgar Alan Poe Poem and Raven Silhouette: by Sassan Filsoof

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