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Is this LOVE????.........

Love, a small four letter word,
A word that is so often heard,
Just four letters, says it all...
And human's heart takes a huge fall,

Fall, for someone, who was once a stranger,
Fall, for something that could be a danger,
Fall, for someone who was a close friend,
Fall, for something which sets a new trend.

Love, what does it mean really,
Love,has it anything to say clearly?
Is it about feelings, emotions and care...
Or does it have to do only with wear and tear.

Does it knock your heart before coming?
Does it make any kind of sweet humming?
Does it come and make you restless forever?
Does it make you feel like you felt never?

Love's a mystery, nobody's understood still,
Its like climbing an unending hill,
Its like paying long-long bills,
Its like eating sweet-bitter pills.

Its an addiction, once had never goes,
An endless ocean where your heart flows,
Sometimes gives you joy and cheers,
Otherwise, only sadness and tears.

It comes with no warnings or alerts,
Everyone will surely lose their hearts,
As Love is experienced by all those alive,
Its something, for which each one of us strives....


  1. Hi...kriti.....very well done...i like ur blog...
    keep it up....God bless you....

  2. Beautiful poem on any poet's fav. topic.. LOVE..

    loved the way you portrayed it..

  3. Wow!!! What a lovely poem on love!! Beautifully written :)

  4. @deepak and @sri valli - Thank you so much!! I am glad you both loved this little piece of mine!