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A Dream that died......

Crave did I, for something so precious to me,
A dream come true, a sensation in few, a new hope to believe...

Sadness a true,  came as a clue, but nothing serious indeed...
But slowly a dew, took away the view, and left only tears to see....

The clue it was, a withering moss, dried somewhere so quietly,
A wild growth, peeped a hope, and took away myself from me.

That withering thought, the dried knot, of love that I carried in my heart beneath,
Vanished away, like a lonely prey, that was hunt somewhere close indeed.

Wandering am I, in a cloud of sigh, my mind like an empty sky of plea,
Nothing so close, a shimmering rose, no reds, no whites, only blacks to see.

Wet in my eyes, my heart that cries, craving still after a hopeless seed,
That will reap a dream, a fearful scream, awaiting the return of lost something.

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  1. .. remove it yaar.. u speak out ur heart... ..