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Dream...to turn it into Reality!

Albert Einstein said: “Atleast once in a day allow yourself the freedom to think and DREAM for yourself "

Dream – such a calm word it is, a word with so many mysteries to unfold, wishes to fulfill and smiles to bring. A shining hope for success, a grappling fear of failure, dreams come in all forms. Sometimes they bring happiness in amounts countless to hold, other times they alert for a stormy cold. But still, YOU MUST DREAM, to have hopes and faith, to wait for something good to happen, to predict something right and wrong, Dreams show you the way, almost all the times.

Dream is like self-entertainment that our subconscious mind creates for our conscious mind. But when we take them too seriously, they are ought to become true.

I had a dream too, well, I have a dream too. I dream a lot actually, with open eyes most of the times. But the fact is...I believe in them a lot. I am a dreamer, a serious one.

I ONCE DREAMED ABOUT living on my own. I used to get frequent dreams of an unknown place, quiet, dark, cold, free and unique. I always remembered this dream whenever I got up from one. It was a fun filled entertainment time for me whenever I saw it. I was curious, I was excited, I was willing for my dream to come true someday. Well, dreams and reality never match 100%. My dreams had a fictional touch to them. There were angels and villains. There was sunlight and fog. There was warmth and chill. It was like a puzzle waiting to be unfolded. There were questions waiting to be answered. Each dream had a link, but each dream was unique. It all meant something in common, but it had a new rhythm to guide into. I saw new places, I saw myself walking on empty roads. I saw new people, and saw meeting new friends. But amidst all this, there was one thing common between the dreams and reality - I WAS VERY HAPPY.
It was a foggy dream like any other, hazy and translucent. But I enjoyed the feel, as if I was into it already.

This dream was a glimpse of my hope to live freely. I craved for freedom, to open my wings and fly like a bird. 

Today I am proud to say, I have lived my dream more than I felt it. I have lived every bit of it in a royal way and I cherish it still. This dream did come true. I got a chance to study abroad for six months. I got a chance to live and travel on my own. I was free, I was independent...I LIVED ACTUALLY!!!! There isn't an experience happier than that. All those mysteries, solved my doubts and I got answers to all of them. Well, if I get into more details, I can write a novel....But all I have given is a glimpse of a true experience which gave me a reason to discover myself. Today I have a reason to dream more, hope more and believe myself.

DREAMS COME TRUE, you must only have the courage and faith to SEE ONE, and Believe in it.

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And it is indeed awarded the WOW badge...........


Loneliness v/s Freedom

Loneliness and Freedom – these two words are very much common, but still many of us tend to misunderstand them. Result - When we demand freedom, it becomes loneliness, and when it is loneliness, it slowly converts to freedom. Confused? Well, I thought so you would be, and I am here to ease out this confusion, by questioning, reasoning and trying to understand what exactly is LONELINESS? What exactly is FREEDOM?

To be true, I am no one to speak about Life. I haven't lived it myself...Yet! Its a process for each one of us. Its a learning at every stage. But remember - "Its never too late" attitude does not help every time  Sometimes, it is actually TOO LATE. Too Late to turn back and amend for everything. Too late to ask for forgiveness. Too late to rekindle and too late to speak out. 

Enjoying Loneliness and getting used to it, is termed proudly as freedom by many of us. While we usually make the worst mistake by opting for freedom and end up being damn lonely. It’s a cycle you see. If man had to be happy alone, without responsibly of any kind, God wouldn't hare created Adam with Eve.

 We always keep our ego, choices, and so many issues making small things just too much big, that they become difficult to perceive and handle at the same time. Small issues seem so so big that our own life starts to seem too small. We rate our priorities as per the comfort levels. We rate people, friends, loved one as per our adjustments. Priorities of less important things are more, and all but life, living is so less important. But what if it comes to end at certain point of time? I mean, what if someone close to you is on the verge to become far from you forever. When we are on the edge of loosing something precious, suddenly our ego gives way to everything, suddenly those so called big issues seem so small and suddenly LIFE becomes the most important factor of existence. Suddenly strength conquers our soul and we tend to do just anything for having it closest to us.

Now this was a philosophical concept. How can we actually apply or how much is it valid in the life of every individual. Well, don’t be surprised, but each one of you out there, including me, is a part of this strange cycle called REALIZATION of Life where we slowly confuse between freedom and loneliness and end up suffering from both.

We all are Involved in our busy schedules everyday. So many problems we have to face. In concentrating for one, we neglect the other. Or even if we plan to give time to everyone, we ought to fail, and then comes the biggest, dangerous but most common question: WHEN DO I GIVE TIME TO MYSELF? Well, now will you call that a Right to freedom? Well, in the beginning it is surely a feel of freedom, because the so called Extra things have lessened in your life. But..this is what leads to Loneliness. Thinking about you isn't a problem. We all do that. But the way of thinking, the approach, and the nature of dropping important things from your life aside, is what makes you alone forever.

Life is too short to keep changing relations in your life. For living and achieving one, we give up the other. But why don’t we realize the loss. We humans have started to accept just whatever comes our way, we get used to everything so fast, we have started to find life in easy adjustments and so called reasons to enjoy life. That means, whatever we do, or whomsoever we are with, that all doesn't add life to you. In the end you are important to your own self and nothing else matters?
But, in all this just imagine that suddenly the ones you neglected, for some ego issues, anger, or anything, suddenly goes away from your life. Gone never to come back. Its after that, that we realize  why the hell did we neglect? But whats the use? That person cannot hear you anymore, but then, your loneliness creeps in and takes place quietly of freedom. Why can't we value someone while they are around us is something hardly anyone of us understands actually. 

Last but not the least - Freedom can be felt with countless relations in your life too. Its the way you are with them - Not they with you that makes the Sense of freedom achievable  Loneliness is what you make of the betrayed feelings and negativity inside you over powering your egos and giving way to less prior things. 

Hope this little lengthy article helps you value the neglected...find the freedom in yourself and around and add a little positivism in the way you prioritize things and people in your life.

The best judge is Your Heart. The best Critic is your Mind. And I guess each one of has these both!!


People are like....MATERIALS

Wikipedia says :
"Material is anything made of matter, constituted of one or more substances. Sometimes the term "material" is used more narrowly to refer to substances or components with certain physical properties that are used as inputs to production or manufacturing."

I would say, we humans also are different types of materials. We are either Raw or Finished. We are seldom rough, other times smooth. We are tough or flow easily. But we all are materials. Every material has a different property and the objects or say crafts produced from it have properties dependent on their raw material. Every human being has unique properties like a material has. Some tend to be reactive, some tend to be calm. Some tend to form masterpieces, others are found in abundance everywhere.

People like water flow smoothly and take volume of any situation. They are very flexible, transparent, clear and dissolve just anything coming their way. They have no colour when in original stae. But they tend to take colour of the strong flavours absorbed by them. Sweetness and saltiness given by others, do not appear to disturb them in any way and they retain their clarity. Such people are important in each one of our lives, and form the essential part of society. They are very helpful to everyone.

People like Clay are very natural, enjoyable to play with and easily mould into any shape with the touch of other. If the touch is soft and full of love, they become amazing forms, unbeleivable to eyes. But if handled to just scramble aay, they become loose, sticky and useless and mix with the earth. With time they become stiff but somewhere gain cracks easily. Break them, and they are gone completely.

People like Stone are too hard to deal with. They have an unbreakable heart, we can say. Whatever may come, they aren't affected. You need to keep dripping like continuous water in order to change their nature or way of thinking. Their tough nature is either creative or turns fatal for others. But they can be carved into masterpieces if given a right direction and tools.

People like wood are soft and strong at the same time. If they can get carved into fine crafty stuff, they can also form amazing joinery for strong bonds to retain.

People like glass are brittle but transparent, honest, true. You can actually see through them. They never speak what they don’t want to. They are straight to the point, and say whatever comes their way in thoughts. They actually never lie. Sometimes they tend to form crystals and stay strong, other times so brittle, that they break to never-joining pieces. But the worst part is, these pieces don’t hurt them, but they hurt others to realize “wish they could join them again”

People like metal can be precious as well as fake, but they are very strong and slender. They can be beaten to a certain shape. Form mixed alloys, mixed nature. Not easy to deal with always.

People like paper can be amazing memories to keep but easy to tear away too. They are clear in original, but carefully save your feelings, secrets and ca be refereed back again and again. they can be colourful, they can be totally white. They can become amazing forms if crafted well and too fragile to handle if treated badly. You need to value their importance rightly.

People like rubber are very elastic and actually stretchable. They can retain almost any kind of shocks and nothing happens to them. They are soft, but tough.

People like plastic, have a total plastic life. They are artificial, but colourful. They can mold in just any shape and situation. They do not break easily either. They last long and know ow to maintain themselves. They are smooth and attractive.

Well, there are endless materials in this world, and now you can well relate yourself and others to some particular ones. I have just mentioned the ones I found noticeable in people with my experiences. Each one of you will have a unique one surely.

As the other materials are by products of the original…So are humans. That’s why everyone is unique in some or the other way.
And finally, some materials are incomplete without the others. Some dissolve with their own types, some find ones with exactly opposite properties and make a great bond. Some are best alone. We all have a vague idea as to the kind of designs and crafts possible with more than one materials. Some get carved, others inlaid, some need to be fastened and some fabricated. Some form flexible joints, others transform totally into something else.

But the gist of this theory is, each one of us has a unique identity somewhere, waiting to explore something new and make a name, make something which all including your own-self can admire. We must never give away our own properties for the sake of becoming something else, its nothing but a fake identity then.
Retain your Identity people, Be yourself, You may never know....there may be a precious stone hiding in you somewhere!!!



That night was cold, and the wind had a chill,
That sudden discourse, of the silent windmill,
A heart too lonely, a heart in pain,
Wanted to give up all and just go insane….
Maybe it was bad time, maybe out of control…
Maybe it was worst time, maybe a downfall

A stage of life, a shivering knife.
A deadly…coldly…straining strife.
To flaunt like a swan…to dream for the stars,
To dance in that rain, to wash all the scars,
Maybe it was a hope, maybe it wanted to elope;
Maybe it was a charm, maybe it wanted more.

Out of all those moments…those breathless memories…
A soul inside, never wanted to be lonely.
But when the end has to come, no one can control…
Hopes die…tears sigh, a body separated by the soul…
Maybe it will come back, maybe life will find its way
Maybe if its just a bad dream, maybe I will wake up one day.


Liebster Blog Award

This past week I received an unexpected nomination for the Liebster Blog Award.

What is the Liebster Blog Award exactly? Leibster is a German word meaning dearest. However, in the context of blog writing, it can also mean favourite. The award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers in acknowledgement of the good articles and posts they have written. In presenting a fellow blogger with the reward, the nominee is encouraging him/her to continue creating interesting and inspiring posts.

Liebster Blog Award is an Award that is given by the blogging community to new upcoming and deserving bloggers who has less readers. And it is also a motivational Award.

I'm very much happy to receive this Award. I thank Sasikumar Rajappan, author of the blog ‘Beginner’ at http://sasithebeginner.blogspot.in/ for nominating my blog for this Award. I barely know this person, and I am glad he found my blog suitable enough to grant me this nomination.

There are few rules for receiving and passing on this nomination further. Kindly read the points mentioned below carefully:
  1. Kindly thank the person who nominated you and acknoledge him/her by mentioning their blog link for the same. 
  2. · Each person must post 11 things about themselves 
  3. · Answer the Questions that the nominator sets for you + create 11 Questions for the people you have nominated 
  4. ·Choose 11 deserving bloggers and link them in your post 
  5. · Go to their blog and Inform them about this by commenting on one of their posts. 
  6. · Don't tag back the person who mentioned you. 
Now here goes the process: 

11 things about me :-

1. I am a Dreamer.
2. I aspire to become a good and responsible Interior Designer someday. 
3. I am an improving sketcher and painter 
4. I write to tell the world what my heart says 
5. I love to dance when I am happy 
6. I like to spread smile to everyone. 
7. I hate reading books with only text. 
8. I am sweet, caring and love to make new friends and know people in person. 
9. I like counselling if someone needs help anytime. 
10. I want to be live my life my way 
11. I want to become famous for my talent and work 

Following are the answers to the questions I was asked! 

Describe you in one line?
An aspiring girl living in extremes in all ways, may it be Love, happiness, care, hate or

Why do you Blog?
I blog to speak out all my feelings in form of writings and poems. I cannot stay alive without
expressing myself.

What is your Aim?
I aim to become a successful recognized happy Interior Designer.

If you have a Super Power what will you do?
Become a bird and travel around the world!!!!

One person whom, you want to be with you all your life, why? (not parents, lover, children)
MYSELF. I do not want to loose myself ever, because my identity and passion in whatever I do or I am lies in the fact that I LOVE MYSELF A LOT.

The person whom you miss desperately, why?
There isn’t anybody to miss. People I love are always around me.

Most memorable moment in your life?
The moment that I cherish the most is when I held my real brother in my hands after his birth.

Social Networking in your view?
Its good to stay connecting and spread your thoughts and let people know who you are, but its still a virtual world.

Do you believe in Love at first sight? if no why?
No I don’t, because it always takes time to develop that understanding with Love, which retains any relation, and it cannot happen in a flick.

One thing you like to change about yourself?
Being sensitive and extreme.

Your views on my Blog?
The blog, ‘Beginner’ is about real incidents and small poems telling tales and wishes of people around and in each one of us somewhere.

Now here come my set of questions for you:
  1. What is that one passion in your life you will do anything for?
  2. You love writing? Mostly yes…Why writing is so important for you?
  3. If life had nothing to offer, what would you create?
  4. Is there any inspiration in your life? (person, thing, event)
  5. As a blogger, what do you look forward to in other blogs?
  6. Critically, what do you think my blog actually conveys?
  7. Describe Love in three words…( no sentences, 3 individual words )
  8. Do you like first penning down something in your notebook before posting? Reason?
  9. Describe writing in a sentence?
  10. If you had to give away any one habit of yours for someone, what would it be? (For whom?)
  11. Everyone dreams. Is there any one dream you remember, and would like to make it real someday?

Here comes the list of Bloggers who Deserves this Award. Some of you I don;t know at all, but as I like your work too, and for all of you I wish you keep writing and inspiring the world, hereby I NOMINATE YOU....

1. FROM THE POET’S HEART - http://www.ashwindodani.in/

2. LIVING UNBOUND - http://mahakak.blogspot.in/

3. WANDERING MIND; SOULFUL HEART - http://rashmirajan.blogspot.in/

4. MESMERIC MUSINGS - http://varsha-kalyani.blogspot.in/

5. HOWDY BUDDY - http://techsavio.blogspot.in/

6. LIFE AS IT IS, IN RAW YET AMAZING WAY - http://newjoysoflife.blogspot.in/

7. EMOTIONAL RUSH - http://emotionalrush.blogspot.in/

8. VIVACIOUS PUERILE - http://surbhibafna.blogspot.in/

9. NIMMY’S KITCHEN - http://nimmyskitchen.blogspot.in/

10. AIMING BEYOND INFINITY - http://ankitmahato.blogspot.in/

11. PANCHALIBOLCHI - http://panchalibolchi.blogspot.in/

Congratulations to all of you!!!


Proud to be INSANE….

(Photo Credits: 19 year old, South Korean painter/illustrator Minjae Lee finds inspiration in the human face and abstract movement and colour.)

In the world of laws, when justice fails to play its role,
Boldly, bravely to ruin every innocent soul,
If I raise my voice, in deprived choice,
I would be proudly labelled as INSANE.

In a group of dudes, where the character is nude,
Publicly, socially, raised voices are rude,
If I calmly make a decision of my own,
I would be declared widely as INSANE.

In the journey of life, which (I think) belongs totally to me?
Willfully, proudly everyone makes it a public property,
If all I demand is for freedom to live,
I would be caged further for being INSANE.

Rights, choices, like fake voices,
Run throughout my system like numb noises
And all I am expected is to answer all this INSANITY?
Just to be further jailed as INSANE.

But I want to let go off that foggy truth
This creeps around me to give a saggy look
For innocence and care, love to spare…
All I get is an unending despair…
And demands don’t end, but just give pain
And make the mind go further INSANE

And if with every right move, I have to prove,
To get in full groove, just to get your expressions approved..
Then it better be, I remain like me…
And rule the world of INSANITY…
As no matter how much the purity rains…
I will always be labelled INSANE.


When I first HELD YOU

I hate you but, I LOVE YOU MORE!!

Speechless, was I, as my smile conquered my soul,
Inexpressible, indispensable was your innocence on the whole
As you came in my laps, that first time, my life took a new fold
An angel arrived as if, you seemed so heavenly pure

A new born you in the laps of a four old me,
You came as the newest smallest part of our family
Your each move, in a special grove, was a magical melody
A cute ball of fun was you, a softy playful teddy…

Your sparkling eyes,hooked on mine, with questions so many…
Your giggling smile, curious a while, a rhythmic symphony….
Hesitations at large, before coming close to me,
But never did you cry, never shy, enjoyable was your company….

Special and Dear, lovely and cute,
Round and chubby, smiling in mute
Playful and active, energetic pot,
Innocence and smartness, you carried a lot
An active champ, our youngest dude,
You mastered it all, even before I could.

Your wonders, mischievous thunders,
Snugly, the way your little hands cuddled in my palm…
Your fights often, I hated your blunders,
But I laughed in sudden, as you were always so calm.
Those awful times when you pulled my hair,
And made me shout to pathetic despair,
But that innocence again, vanished every pain,
Your sadness was so so rare.

But the feeling of holding you close,
Laying in my laps, your confused prose,
Is a special moment I have captured and locked,
In the corner of my heart, in an inopenable box
Cos’  loosing those memories, in the times to move on
That first glimpse of you, I want to hold on,
Carefully wrapping it inside my soul, 
You own a special place in my heart my brother!!!
I will cherish these memories in years to behold.

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Finally, its Mine!!

Decisions and Fate, do they ever go together?
And if they do, then why to me, do they bother?
My fate has never given me way,
My decisions have never made my day
A wholly crap of dependency lies,
Around a pile of suffering truth and crumbs of lies;
My smallest problems have seemed always too big,
My little heart has to always make the toughest jig;
Whenever I long to see the sunshine,
The darkness gives its horror sign
As soon everything seems to be fine,
All turns away as if it was never mine…
They say, “Every cloud has a Silver lining”
I know this, still my heart’s pining
For things which are small, but seem too big
And not for problems which actually need to fix…Really Quick!!!

Why, what and how to grasp the life’s Policy?
When, what and where to look for that craving intimacy
Of Love, of care, which seems to be missing somewhere?
A mind too silent, but always thinking like a running hare.
Well, my life’s actual leader is finally me…
The one who designs and executes each policy…
But then the reason why it’s so complicated,
Is the way it has been interpreted…
Like a team goes haywire when not coached well,
I am the coach of my life, the one who casts the spell,
A spell to make the magic happen,
 A spell to bring that mysterious climax
Finally it’s me, who has the power and control,
To make each bite yummy and delicious,
Or to just let it go waste!!


Discovering Life Around

From the morning shower of sunlight, 
                            to the shimmering hour of moonlight; 
Each little being, each little spec, 
                            has so much to teach us in just a single sight, 
The glorious sun works perfect each day, 
                            waking me up with His morning glare, 
Falling softly on the lazy eyes, 
                            which hesitate to open after a dreamy affair!! 
The nasty birds, the Cameramen of God, 
                            He keeps a check as if who’s doing what 
Those naughty peeps, these little freaks, 
                            with their blowing fleets come chirping to stare 
A noisy beginning but rhythmic somewhere, 
                            brings with it a bright new day. 
The first cup of tea, is so incomplete, 
                           without the herbal leaves, offering their share 
And the perfect day begins finally, 
                           with all these creations, working in unity 
Diversity indeed, exists widely, 
                           but connected they are truly somewhere. 
With flowering blooms, the colourful sooth, 
                          make the heart blossom now and then… 
Even the little ants in fleet, form a linear meet, 
                         falling down just to get up again… 
Efforts that they put, make the eyes so hooked, 
                         how come they just don’t feel any pain? 
The spider works hard, the lizards crawl by, 
                         scary though, but have their own life, 
Its strange but true, we all form a crew, 
                         in a house which is totally a lively hive. 
But in the end its incomplete, as they all teach, 
                        to live proudly every spec of Life.

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The Doubtful Heart

The heart has so much to say but no one to hear it...
It brings with it those breathless days when you wait to clear it...
Sweeping away the hectic dust with the broom of faith…
The wait is long like a lazy snail struggling to bear it…
Why does the heart wish for something which has no importance indeed?
Why is there a hope of growth when there is actually no seed?
Why the roots become so numb at a point when strength is in need;
Why the hell this mind is shattered like rolling groups of beads
That hit from here to there so bad, that make the heart go numb and sad;
That shines in pain and glow in sweat,
Those reflect the despair look of fate,
These beads that once were a chain held so strong
Have lost their hope of forming that bond
Questions indeed there are some more to ask…
Answers, well that’s next to impossible task…
As life juggles through vigorous affairs,
People taking you for granted are a common share…
And the soul just goes through a new phase of wear and tear…
Every-time you doubt yourself in despair.


Matured Love....

Greens and wide, cozy hide,
a wonderful lonely site...
Branched out strong, a shimmering bond,
Washing us bright, was that glittering light..
A world of our own,
we have woven so close,
Flowing so naturally in a gradual tone...
That look so right, in a withering night,
Those wet eyes, craving for a sight,
Now rest in peace, in a hold so tight...
Life has more reasons to stay bright.
Mature is this love, no more games to play,
Growing feelings now know their way...
Two became one, the soul now knows where to stay...
No more the bond is soft like the clay...
Kisses which meant affection, now also mean care...
Eyes that gazed long…now search for a glimpse of glare…
A touch of love, a touch of sight,
Make some wrong things….JUST SO RIGHT…
Those walk in the puddles, those memorable cuddles...
smoothly, happily , left behind are, so many hurdles
and moving on ahead also, this will be, together One, A FAMILY.



Ever thought, why do we expect so much?? Specially in Relationships......

Why each of us out there has that long list of I WANT......

Half of the times our hearts and minds don't even say them, but still, they are there, deep inside us...

Yes..These are EXPECTATIONS and don't mistake them with Dreams...

Well I won't say that Expecting is BAD....but...EXPECTATIONS ARE DANGEROUS.....most of the times....cause most of the times we fail TO UNDERSTAND WHAT OUR PARTNER EXPECTS, AND SAME HAPPENS WITH US TOO....leading to..... SADNESS.

You must be wondering, why I have used this word...Dangerous? Well, that's because, it leads to an unexpected chain reaction of pressures, frictions, traumas, fights and eventually MISUNDERSTANDINGS.

The root cause of all misunderstandings in this world is....EXPECTATION.

You must have often heard people saying..." I had expected you....." and so on the argument begins leading to actually...NOWHERE....NOT EVEN A SOLUTION ACTUALLY.

So, is there actually a SOLUTION to this?? Well, my recent experience says.....YES!!!
BE RIDICULOUS...that means....Even if you feel ridiculous in telling your partner or friend what you are expecting and it could make them feel bad or vice versa, still..........DO IT....IT HELPS CLEAR DOUBTS AND MISCONCEPTIONS....
BE EQUAL....with each other and treat each other as equal partners. None of the other is weak, or gonna BEAR YOU ALL THE TIME.....so BETTER TAKE CARE OF THAT.

Well, these are just little TIPS from my side....HOPE IT HELPS and MAKES YOU AWARE....

As WE ARE BORN WITH EXPECTATIONS....and We must not KILL them literally...

EXPECTING also makes a RELATIONSHIP STRONG. Because you start doing things for your partner which you actually never thought you would have else.

But yes...LIFE AND LOVE IS NOT AT ALL ROSY...but you can surely make it one if you are willing to.


"Maa" (Mother).. Now i know WHO YOU ARE...

I remember that day as a child, when I used to harass YOU a lot (which I still do)
The days when YOU did just everything for me (and still do),
The days when my sadness was nothing less than a nightmare for you (and still is)
The days when you worked 24 x 7 like a robot and I may have never realized  but all I did was had innocently asked,
"How do you manage to do so much? ", and till date YOU have just one answer... “Wait till the day you become a mother...”

One of my closest cousin sisters, recently had an angel baby girl, so it was my first experience to closely observe the first glimpses of a new born. I could relate to her a lot to a point as everyone recalled the days of my childhood whenever we saw her playing and smiling or even crying...But I suddenly realized that this little princess , is actually not even aware of her own-self. She is still discovering the faces, voices, movements around her... Those little hands which she crazily moved as if she wanted to box with someone, she didn't even know whether they were hers...or what they were...Those little legs which she almost made to dance, she didn't even know, could make her roam the world and explore wonders.

But this period of mere 7 days, made me realize something important within, which I hadn't in all these years, or I must say, I hadn't valued all these years –
 “It’s you Maa (Mother)”

Isn't it strange...that a baby, who cannot say anything, but still by her little expressions, made me realize how important YOU are.
Its definitely true that one tends to realize the importance of a person only when you take his/her place. And that’s what I observed in these 7 days...
A mother realizing how important her own mother is for her...and how the cycle tends to repeat for her when she becomes a grandmother and teaches her own daughter to take care of her baby.
In this process, the relation that becomes really lovely and strong is that between a Daughter and a Mother.

"And so has mine with you Maa..."

The person who has well adjusted with all my worst and irritating habits is YOU...and so I understand why you get angry even today on my little mistakes....
I have made you wake up so many nights, and no better than you could accompany me that time...and so I know why you still worried when I come home late....
Countless times must you have given up your happiness and interests just because I had to be attended first, and I am sorry if I still take the first share unknowingly...from now I will take care....
Just a little cry of mine made you run to me like a storm, and there i was in your arms, quiet and still, and smiling, and secure, and still your arms are the best place to be in...
I know I do feel a little trapped sometimes, but I now know that you are possessive about me, and fear to let me go alone...
Well, I still don’t know exactly the feeling of what a Mother actually is, but yes, the respect for YOU has definitely increased. I may have many differences from you, but you tend to have them with the ones you love so so much...
I don't know if ever I will be able to understand YOU...or WHO YOU ARE...

But surely I agree to the world known fact....





Waiting For you....A longing.

Although far, still you have won my heart,
Which is so so truly attached to you,
My eyes look for you in dreams,
Which come to me so few.

You haven't said anything to me,
But I have heard enchanting words of thee,
Those words, that just speak of me,
Words forming a beautiful Love Story...

I know, I will keep thinking of you,
Until I really meet you someday,
Missing you already My Darling Love cum Friend...
Just like the Night waits for the Day...

I know, that day isn't far...
When you will be right here beside me...
Waiting For You desperately,
Just like the rocks long for the splashes of the sea...

A wish in my heart...to see you soon..
As you just exist in my Dreams...
As I look towards the sky..that smiling moon...
To touch the sky...the earth screams.


My Sweetest Cousin....

A Poem from my old collection............... :) dedicated to my cousin brother :) :)
Out of all my cousins, there is one such boy....
Who being elder to me has a nature like a toy...
His attitude is similar to his name...
No doubt, he deserves to get fame...
His name is NAMAN, and he's quite smart...
Filled with love is his little heart...
Talking about his looks, there is a rare match...
Try to find one, its difficult to catch...
My this Big B, has a very shy nature,
But very attractive are his features...
When you'll see him, you'll find him to be sweet,
As very few are like him, whom you'll meet...
I am proud to have a brother like him, someone who's always there,
As a star in my life, a shining stream, a hearty sense of care...
Being his little sister, I share a little prayer...
That there may be hardly worries, and more happiness to share...


Who is a Mother?

This is a poem I wrote as a child....long time back...
Mother is someone of whom I would love to tell,
But as her favors are just endless, I'll tell you in a nutshell.
And I am fully devoted to SHE...

Those tender hands, with which she taught me to walk,
Those soothing words she said, when she taught me to talk,
That sweetest smile on her face, just made my day,
Oh! How lone;y I felt, whenever she was away...

Yes!! She scolded me, whenever I disobeyed,
But the very next moment she was lovely and often played...

Whenever I fell, Whenever got hurt...
She held me close, she gave me comfort...

Now too, she's lovely and sweet,
She keeps our house beautiful and neat....
The food she makes, has got its taste which is very good...
She's my greatest idol since childhood...

I thank you MAA...for all the care you have showed...
I thank you MAA...for all the love you have bestowed...
Above all I thank you for the world you have shown me...
Once again I would feel proud to say... " I am totally devoted to thee " .... 


A Rhythmic Start...

A song in my heart... Calls for A rhythmic start...
A new hope arise..like a far sunrise..
The chirp of morning bird...I recently heard...
To live up again...And shed away all pains...
For love in our lives...we crave once..twice and thrice...
And each time the cries...melt like the ice...
Over and over again...like a see-saw game...
Life has a new surprise...After every story of pain...
To bring up that smile...And travel a mile...
An adventurous route to see...a new hope to dream...
Still somewhere we tend...to look for an End...
A happy one indeed...
A fairy tale it is not every love-story..
But surely one can create a History...
So all i have to say...let love make its way...
As each of our lives is an amazing Mystery..
And as the game plays...listen to what your heart says...
Relish your life as a creamy delicious Pastry.