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When the EYE only has so much to tell.........
" I don't need a reason to Love you"

Sometimes just a look is enough to get hooked!!

"My hands in yours...Yes! that where they are meant to be"

The smiles you share with your mum, are moments to cherish forever!

When silent whispers speak and the lips go silent!!!

That moment when being closest to you makes me feel ALIVE!

"I know....YOU ALWAYS THERE!!"

Happiness is the best expression of Love...atleast the satisfaction is visible in your smile!

"I am blessed to find a life partner and a buddy..both in you!"

Believe me....I will never let you go!

Music defines love in a rhythmic way!


Doodling for a change to express hunger in a sketchy way!!!

I know Mother...You were the one who first HELD MY HANDS and will never leave me 

A moment to relax...to talk of those days...cherish our memories..over a cup of coffee!

I need you dear!

Sometimes just the fact you there...makes the worst situations totally fine!

When only a HUGG sayss so much :) ♥

The FIRST sign of SECURITY :) ♥


  1. Woooow! This is soo beautiful. You seem to be such a talented person. SO happy to have stumbled across your blog. Please! Keep adding your sketches here, it's such a delight to see those :) Awesome work... Keep scribbling & sketching !! All the very best :)

  2. I am so happy to receive this appreciation and your over-whelming response for my sketches. Will surely keep adding more and more... THANK YOU!

  3. Great sketches.