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Please Come Back....

I wrote this poem long time back when I was 16. I had a really close friend in my school and things grew bitter between us. But I missed her friendship a lot. This poem was solely dedicated to her.

It all started with a little fight,
The door of our friendship was locked so tight,
At last it opened, as it came out to say,
" Your friendship is granted a bright new day..."

Together we traveled in the same ship,
Our hands had a very tight grip,
The breeze of our lives was so cool,
Filled with love was our friendship pool;

Suddenly it was interrupted by a new form,
The cool breeze of or lives became a worse storm,
Slowly and gradually it cracked away,
In the mirror of our friendship, it had no aid.

Still today, you aren't dat near,
Still today I have a fear,
The one who harmed us, is so close to you,
That's my thought, which may not be true.

PLEASE COME BACK, so that once again,
Forgetting all sorrows, giving up pains,
We get a chance to travel in the same ship,
Holding our hands with a tight grip;

I promise you, if it happens so,
I am sure of one thing, and want to let you know,
No one will dare to break apart us,
And we can be together , without a fuss...

I know, a Mirror with a crack in it,
Cannot be hidden, even a bit...
But still I will wait for your return,
As my dearest friend, nothing wrong have we done.


  1. very true buddy...i knw hw it feels when u lose a dear frnd...amazing poem..hope u meet ur frnd soon!!!

  2. :)))))))))).... lot more to come:) mast haiiiii.. so idiot dont lose ur frnd now... i hope u getng :)) hehe