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Dream...to turn it into Reality!

Albert Einstein said: “Atleast once in a day allow yourself the freedom to think and DREAM for yourself "

Dream – such a calm word it is, a word with so many mysteries to unfold, wishes to fulfill and smiles to bring. A shining hope for success, a grappling fear of failure, dreams come in all forms. Sometimes they bring happiness in amounts countless to hold, other times they alert for a stormy cold. But still, YOU MUST DREAM, to have hopes and faith, to wait for something good to happen, to predict something right and wrong, Dreams show you the way, almost all the times.

Dream is like self-entertainment that our subconscious mind creates for our conscious mind. But when we take them too seriously, they are ought to become true.

I had a dream too, well, I have a dream too. I dream a lot actually, with open eyes most of the times. But the fact is...I believe in them a lot. I am a dreamer, a serious one.

I ONCE DREAMED ABOUT living on my own. I used to get frequent dreams of an unknown place, quiet, dark, cold, free and unique. I always remembered this dream whenever I got up from one. It was a fun filled entertainment time for me whenever I saw it. I was curious, I was excited, I was willing for my dream to come true someday. Well, dreams and reality never match 100%. My dreams had a fictional touch to them. There were angels and villains. There was sunlight and fog. There was warmth and chill. It was like a puzzle waiting to be unfolded. There were questions waiting to be answered. Each dream had a link, but each dream was unique. It all meant something in common, but it had a new rhythm to guide into. I saw new places, I saw myself walking on empty roads. I saw new people, and saw meeting new friends. But amidst all this, there was one thing common between the dreams and reality - I WAS VERY HAPPY.
It was a foggy dream like any other, hazy and translucent. But I enjoyed the feel, as if I was into it already.

This dream was a glimpse of my hope to live freely. I craved for freedom, to open my wings and fly like a bird. 

Today I am proud to say, I have lived my dream more than I felt it. I have lived every bit of it in a royal way and I cherish it still. This dream did come true. I got a chance to study abroad for six months. I got a chance to live and travel on my own. I was free, I was independent...I LIVED ACTUALLY!!!! There isn't an experience happier than that. All those mysteries, solved my doubts and I got answers to all of them. Well, if I get into more details, I can write a novel....But all I have given is a glimpse of a true experience which gave me a reason to discover myself. Today I have a reason to dream more, hope more and believe myself.

DREAMS COME TRUE, you must only have the courage and faith to SEE ONE, and Believe in it.

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  1. Indeed True!! Conviction holds the key to your dreams turning to reality. :)

  2. Dreams are like arrows pointing us to the path we want to traverse... and sometimes, it has a *fictional* touch to it as you said. Fictional in the sense that you conjure them in your mind but fictions can become reality when you exert the effort to make them come true. The word is *try*... never is one truly sad when they let their dreams slip away because of fears, unwanted ones. It isn't so much about the probability of them coming true, it's about never doing anything about it... so you let them slide. and you become complacent. Dreams are the driving force behind every person for without them, we lose the purpose. and though in the end, they may not be the ones we expected, at least we tried. Some things are better left undone but there are things that are worth fighting for. And dreams define the kind of people we are, shaped our lives and mold us into the person you have in your mind. And though Dejection is a possibility, it is always a nice feeling to dream again and Start anew... Happy new year Kriti :) all the best for the coming year.

  3. @surbhi and @sheila - Wish you both a very blessed and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  4. @kriti: u write truth and heart touching articles, that what inspired me to read your blog time to time. Nice one keep it up. God bless u and u may write more to inspire every one.

  5. @ashish - thank you so much for reading through my blog articles, and again thank u for such warm compliments. I will keep trying to write better each time.