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Smile all your Way :) :) :)

Smile, smile and keep smiling all your way....
And see how it makes up each of your day;
Laugh, laugh and keep laughing all day...
And see how it makes your life full with play.

Hey!! Come'on leave all your worries for a while...
And see how laughter takes you away a mile,
Hey!! Come'on forget your sadness for a while,
And see how sweet is your little smile;

Win hearts, but don't loose them;
Join hearts, don't break them;
Accept people, but don;t choose them;
When friends give love, don't forget to love them.

Be happy, as its the only way to Life....
Why to be sad and sorrowful, and murder your life with a knife.?
Great are those days that are spent with joy,
Just play the game my friend, take life as a little toy.

Nothing is permanent, everything goes,
But only those plants reap, whose seeds are sowed,
Smile is that little seed,
Which will surely breed,
And make royal every little deed,
Being helpful in every need.

C'mon now, let us spend some time together,
Spent it wholely in the world of laughter.
C'mon my friemds, let us jump so high...
So that even we can fly,
To touch above that dark blue sky,
And break away all sorrowful ties.

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