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Are you Civilized?

If one finger points at me, the other three are towards you!!! Question your own self first!!!

Civilized....A state of being characterized by taste, refinement, or restraint - of politeness and being well - mannered. I was giggling while referring to these meanings, as I don't think, many of us belong to these words in actual sense, So are we civilized indeed? Recently the outrages of" Uncivilized people in the society should be removed"...."We need to change ourselves first " , was quite a lot being heard just everywhere. But what are the extremities we all living in ? What do we need to change...Have we tried to even question that? Thus I here by come with an unexpected conclusion, majority of us out there, including me, are in the Non - Civilized category.

I know, there must be many questions bombarding in your mind, how, why, what the hell you saying and all. Patience please!! A civilized person is characterized by refinement of restraint...remember? How many of us are actually well - mannered or polite to be said in true sense? Don't we follow the much applauded quote - Rules are meant to be broken? And here I am not speaking about people below the age of 18. I am talking about real adults - people who own the right to Vote, the right to choose their leaders, make their decisions, and yes, live an independent life. Firstly we all should be matured enough to understand ourselves following the true meaning of a civilized society.Lets take an example: Primitive man was uncivilized. He didn't know anything. But he had all the natural gifts given to himself just like each one of us. He needed to evolve. But don't we need to evolve as well? Primitive man to modern man has seen a huge degree of evolution in terms of technologies, developments, leadership, and the list is endless. But where are our MORAL VALUES? Most of us have parents to teach us that, if not, school does that, and if not even that, experiences make us realize so much. But do we really know the meaning of well - mannered and politeness? And that too not only in the way we act, it could be mere pretense  but also in the way we think!

When I see, hundreds of people, impatiently forcing the traffic to break the red lights, restless people blowing horns to probe the ones on the front to move ahead, it seems as if everyone has forgot the traffic rules and even the traffic policemen don't give a damn to it. Even for that matter, breaking queues, pushing the other to get ahead of that, trying to be first and fast all the time. I don't blame every individual for this attitude of being uncivilized, I belong the same category too, there is nothing personal, let me repeat that, there is nothing personal. But have our priorities changed from being a civilized human to the state of being uncivilized? Have the tensions and pressures of daily life increased so much, that we giving up on our real actual selves? Where is all this coming from? This is what needs to be questioned. The coming generation will be more demanding, more impatient and only choose things more  easier their way. This is just one example. There could be countless number of them in our daily lives. Like, don't we tend to think for just ourselves when it comes to making an Honorable and respectful successful life? We forget to give importance to people who actually made us what we are today, most of the times. 

Sometimes, I think, primitive man had a much relaxed life,  close to nature, and free indeed. We all are bound somewhere in the loops of self centered attitudes, selfishness, fulfilling and running after useless materialistic dreams, and have forgotten the meanings of living and life, for both ourselves and others. How the hell are we supposed to act in polite way with others, when we don't treat our own selves that way. And that's what, is being uncivilized termed as. Everything is becoming a mere duty, whether we want or not, we have to do it. We treat it as such, its not that something becomes duty, or that feeling comes overnight. But the priorities change, and that makes us think and do that way. Our urges are becoming out of control. We want to achieve and have just everything, and this WANT....I want, are dangerous norms.

Its a heavy stuff to take for now, a realization which may come in generations uncounted. But its is a fact. Look around you, and someone or the other is breaking rules, being dominating, dictating the other, using harsh slang as a casual language, and then we all say.....its 21st century dude...chalta hai! (its okay) which is not at all OKAY! Why have we just accepted everything because everyone does it? Don't we have a self  - identity...a respected..a polite one? 

Gandhiji, I would say, is an ideal example of a CIVILIZED MAN. But then would his norms work in the society of today? What has changed so much...Its we or the situations? Our army men are disciplined and dignified, constantly standing up and fighting against all odds to protect our country. On the contrary, the rage from policemen at the protest in Delhi, was not at all acceptable. Why people become puppets at the hands of so called powerful individuals. Doesn't that make them uncivilized? Whats the difference then between the Free India today, and that was before 1947? Only the leaders are Indian, that's it?

Thus, my aim is to make you start questioning this with you and around you. There is a CIVILIZED human in all of us. But he is sleeping. Its high time, to wake him up, and fight to being OURSELVES for the betterment of this society. There may be millions of examples of uncivilized people around us, but do not forget, there are hundreds of Civilized ones too. We just tend to ignore them at the concept of IDEAL or SPECIAL people. Its not about being special or different, its about being REAL and true. Its about FACING it as a HUMAN....a strong courageous one. 

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