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When I first HELD YOU

I hate you but, I LOVE YOU MORE!!

Speechless, was I, as my smile conquered my soul,
Inexpressible, indispensable was your innocence on the whole
As you came in my laps, that first time, my life took a new fold
An angel arrived as if, you seemed so heavenly pure

A new born you in the laps of a four old me,
You came as the newest smallest part of our family
Your each move, in a special grove, was a magical melody
A cute ball of fun was you, a softy playful teddy…

Your sparkling eyes,hooked on mine, with questions so many…
Your giggling smile, curious a while, a rhythmic symphony….
Hesitations at large, before coming close to me,
But never did you cry, never shy, enjoyable was your company….

Special and Dear, lovely and cute,
Round and chubby, smiling in mute
Playful and active, energetic pot,
Innocence and smartness, you carried a lot
An active champ, our youngest dude,
You mastered it all, even before I could.

Your wonders, mischievous thunders,
Snugly, the way your little hands cuddled in my palm…
Your fights often, I hated your blunders,
But I laughed in sudden, as you were always so calm.
Those awful times when you pulled my hair,
And made me shout to pathetic despair,
But that innocence again, vanished every pain,
Your sadness was so so rare.

But the feeling of holding you close,
Laying in my laps, your confused prose,
Is a special moment I have captured and locked,
In the corner of my heart, in an inopenable box
Cos’  loosing those memories, in the times to move on
That first glimpse of you, I want to hold on,
Carefully wrapping it inside my soul, 
You own a special place in my heart my brother!!!
I will cherish these memories in years to behold.

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Finally, its Mine!!

Decisions and Fate, do they ever go together?
And if they do, then why to me, do they bother?
My fate has never given me way,
My decisions have never made my day
A wholly crap of dependency lies,
Around a pile of suffering truth and crumbs of lies;
My smallest problems have seemed always too big,
My little heart has to always make the toughest jig;
Whenever I long to see the sunshine,
The darkness gives its horror sign
As soon everything seems to be fine,
All turns away as if it was never mine…
They say, “Every cloud has a Silver lining”
I know this, still my heart’s pining
For things which are small, but seem too big
And not for problems which actually need to fix…Really Quick!!!

Why, what and how to grasp the life’s Policy?
When, what and where to look for that craving intimacy
Of Love, of care, which seems to be missing somewhere?
A mind too silent, but always thinking like a running hare.
Well, my life’s actual leader is finally me…
The one who designs and executes each policy…
But then the reason why it’s so complicated,
Is the way it has been interpreted…
Like a team goes haywire when not coached well,
I am the coach of my life, the one who casts the spell,
A spell to make the magic happen,
 A spell to bring that mysterious climax
Finally it’s me, who has the power and control,
To make each bite yummy and delicious,
Or to just let it go waste!!


Discovering Life Around

From the morning shower of sunlight, 
                            to the shimmering hour of moonlight; 
Each little being, each little spec, 
                            has so much to teach us in just a single sight, 
The glorious sun works perfect each day, 
                            waking me up with His morning glare, 
Falling softly on the lazy eyes, 
                            which hesitate to open after a dreamy affair!! 
The nasty birds, the Cameramen of God, 
                            He keeps a check as if who’s doing what 
Those naughty peeps, these little freaks, 
                            with their blowing fleets come chirping to stare 
A noisy beginning but rhythmic somewhere, 
                            brings with it a bright new day. 
The first cup of tea, is so incomplete, 
                           without the herbal leaves, offering their share 
And the perfect day begins finally, 
                           with all these creations, working in unity 
Diversity indeed, exists widely, 
                           but connected they are truly somewhere. 
With flowering blooms, the colourful sooth, 
                          make the heart blossom now and then… 
Even the little ants in fleet, form a linear meet, 
                         falling down just to get up again… 
Efforts that they put, make the eyes so hooked, 
                         how come they just don’t feel any pain? 
The spider works hard, the lizards crawl by, 
                         scary though, but have their own life, 
Its strange but true, we all form a crew, 
                         in a house which is totally a lively hive. 
But in the end its incomplete, as they all teach, 
                        to live proudly every spec of Life.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


The Doubtful Heart

The heart has so much to say but no one to hear it...
It brings with it those breathless days when you wait to clear it...
Sweeping away the hectic dust with the broom of faith…
The wait is long like a lazy snail struggling to bear it…
Why does the heart wish for something which has no importance indeed?
Why is there a hope of growth when there is actually no seed?
Why the roots become so numb at a point when strength is in need;
Why the hell this mind is shattered like rolling groups of beads
That hit from here to there so bad, that make the heart go numb and sad;
That shines in pain and glow in sweat,
Those reflect the despair look of fate,
These beads that once were a chain held so strong
Have lost their hope of forming that bond
Questions indeed there are some more to ask…
Answers, well that’s next to impossible task…
As life juggles through vigorous affairs,
People taking you for granted are a common share…
And the soul just goes through a new phase of wear and tear…
Every-time you doubt yourself in despair.