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Our Friendship Tale......

I have a friend so close to me....
A friend whom I used to believe,
A friend whom everyday I used to see,
Someone's whose friendship was everything to receive.

It all started with groups and games,
Long back some twelve years ago,
Surrounded with all kinds of fame,
And hard to overcome the ego.

Slowly, steadily life gave it all,
Friendship brought us near, gave a loud call.
Friends became we, so difficult to separate,
Laughter and fun started a long brigade.

We shared our sorrows and exchanged smiles,
I believed this friendship would go miles and miles,
But years passed and aware became we,
The future had something else to see.

Misunderstandings, misconceptions, filled in the space,
They started penetrating in, in a slow pace;
No longer were those smiles left to see....
No longer was that friend there for me.

I still remember the day, when we first played Ringa- Roses,
The day when small fights poked in noses.
The day you said, " leadership is yours",
And I thought, what a height of egoism in you pours.

But still today I feel you were the only one,
Who fought with me, still made life a fun,
Who was sensitive enough just like me,
Still didn't ever turn his back to me.

I have a belief, you are still the same,
The same person I gave a nickname,
Shy, quiet, and sweet indeed....
Although a little far, but always there for me.....