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Show me the Way to Love.....

This little heart of mine,
With a little hope of sunshine,
Cannot identify every line....
Of this speedily running life's rhyme.

Love, is something I may fail to understand,
Understanding is something I may fail to fulfill,
I think deep standing on the brown sand,
While the far waters, lay so still.

One glance of yours, just one it was,
Made that day such a beautiful one,
One word of yours, just one it was,
Made my heart fly, like it was a balloon.

Seeing there in the midst of the sky,
My hopes, my thoughts, they fly so high,
Trying to guess what makes me so shy,
When a shadow of you just peeps me by.

Show my little heart The WAY TO LOVE,
As I want to see how it works,
Dancing in the air, white wings of a dove,
And the heart may not feel any kind of jerks.

Thinking deep and waiting for someone,
Someone who would be all all mine,
Someone who sings in the rhythm of my rhyme,
To take care of me time to time.

Wish in a heart, whosoever I may love,
May or may not be mine.....
Still he may get his serve, to live and love,
From you O Lord, who's world's supreme shine.

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