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Loneliness v/s Freedom

Loneliness and Freedom – these two words are very much common, but still many of us tend to misunderstand them. Result - When we demand freedom, it becomes loneliness, and when it is loneliness, it slowly converts to freedom. Confused? Well, I thought so you would be, and I am here to ease out this confusion, by questioning, reasoning and trying to understand what exactly is LONELINESS? What exactly is FREEDOM?

To be true, I am no one to speak about Life. I haven't lived it myself...Yet! Its a process for each one of us. Its a learning at every stage. But remember - "Its never too late" attitude does not help every time  Sometimes, it is actually TOO LATE. Too Late to turn back and amend for everything. Too late to ask for forgiveness. Too late to rekindle and too late to speak out. 

Enjoying Loneliness and getting used to it, is termed proudly as freedom by many of us. While we usually make the worst mistake by opting for freedom and end up being damn lonely. It’s a cycle you see. If man had to be happy alone, without responsibly of any kind, God wouldn't hare created Adam with Eve.

 We always keep our ego, choices, and so many issues making small things just too much big, that they become difficult to perceive and handle at the same time. Small issues seem so so big that our own life starts to seem too small. We rate our priorities as per the comfort levels. We rate people, friends, loved one as per our adjustments. Priorities of less important things are more, and all but life, living is so less important. But what if it comes to end at certain point of time? I mean, what if someone close to you is on the verge to become far from you forever. When we are on the edge of loosing something precious, suddenly our ego gives way to everything, suddenly those so called big issues seem so small and suddenly LIFE becomes the most important factor of existence. Suddenly strength conquers our soul and we tend to do just anything for having it closest to us.

Now this was a philosophical concept. How can we actually apply or how much is it valid in the life of every individual. Well, don’t be surprised, but each one of you out there, including me, is a part of this strange cycle called REALIZATION of Life where we slowly confuse between freedom and loneliness and end up suffering from both.

We all are Involved in our busy schedules everyday. So many problems we have to face. In concentrating for one, we neglect the other. Or even if we plan to give time to everyone, we ought to fail, and then comes the biggest, dangerous but most common question: WHEN DO I GIVE TIME TO MYSELF? Well, now will you call that a Right to freedom? Well, in the beginning it is surely a feel of freedom, because the so called Extra things have lessened in your life. But..this is what leads to Loneliness. Thinking about you isn't a problem. We all do that. But the way of thinking, the approach, and the nature of dropping important things from your life aside, is what makes you alone forever.

Life is too short to keep changing relations in your life. For living and achieving one, we give up the other. But why don’t we realize the loss. We humans have started to accept just whatever comes our way, we get used to everything so fast, we have started to find life in easy adjustments and so called reasons to enjoy life. That means, whatever we do, or whomsoever we are with, that all doesn't add life to you. In the end you are important to your own self and nothing else matters?
But, in all this just imagine that suddenly the ones you neglected, for some ego issues, anger, or anything, suddenly goes away from your life. Gone never to come back. Its after that, that we realize  why the hell did we neglect? But whats the use? That person cannot hear you anymore, but then, your loneliness creeps in and takes place quietly of freedom. Why can't we value someone while they are around us is something hardly anyone of us understands actually. 

Last but not the least - Freedom can be felt with countless relations in your life too. Its the way you are with them - Not they with you that makes the Sense of freedom achievable  Loneliness is what you make of the betrayed feelings and negativity inside you over powering your egos and giving way to less prior things. 

Hope this little lengthy article helps you value the neglected...find the freedom in yourself and around and add a little positivism in the way you prioritize things and people in your life.

The best judge is Your Heart. The best Critic is your Mind. And I guess each one of has these both!!


  1. Wonderful Message! Loved the frame work!

  2. Ultimately, the question is what is worthwhile? Life is not something to be explained, it is something that should be lived... Life's meaning is relative and differ with each person. It is something personal. Freedom requires responsibility and loneliness, well, sometimes it is just a state of mind... Freedom and loneliness need not be synonymous with one another. People oftentimes say life is too short to ever waste it on superficial things. Waste not, want not. Freedom does not give you the license to be nonchalant about things that matter in our life. What makes life fruitful are the people that enrich us, the experiences that help us grow and the trials that teach us to be strong... so if you have the kind of people that make yours meaningful, never waste an opportunity to tell them how much they mean to you. Oftentimes, people get hurt for things left unspoken...... very well written Kriti.... it shows your growth as a person and as a blogger... Kudos to you and Happy new year friend.

  3. @ashi : Thank u :)
    @sheila : I agree to every word of yours and I guess many of us don't understand this concept to deep and end up giving up freedom in the hands of loneliness, which truly is a state of mind which we need to overcome in order to lead a normal happy life. Thanks a lot. Happy New Year to you too.