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Liebster Blog Award

This past week I received an unexpected nomination for the Liebster Blog Award.

What is the Liebster Blog Award exactly? Leibster is a German word meaning dearest. However, in the context of blog writing, it can also mean favourite. The award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers in acknowledgement of the good articles and posts they have written. In presenting a fellow blogger with the reward, the nominee is encouraging him/her to continue creating interesting and inspiring posts.

Liebster Blog Award is an Award that is given by the blogging community to new upcoming and deserving bloggers who has less readers. And it is also a motivational Award.

I'm very much happy to receive this Award. I thank Sasikumar Rajappan, author of the blog ‘Beginner’ at http://sasithebeginner.blogspot.in/ for nominating my blog for this Award. I barely know this person, and I am glad he found my blog suitable enough to grant me this nomination.

There are few rules for receiving and passing on this nomination further. Kindly read the points mentioned below carefully:
  1. Kindly thank the person who nominated you and acknoledge him/her by mentioning their blog link for the same. 
  2. · Each person must post 11 things about themselves 
  3. · Answer the Questions that the nominator sets for you + create 11 Questions for the people you have nominated 
  4. ·Choose 11 deserving bloggers and link them in your post 
  5. · Go to their blog and Inform them about this by commenting on one of their posts. 
  6. · Don't tag back the person who mentioned you. 
Now here goes the process: 

11 things about me :-

1. I am a Dreamer.
2. I aspire to become a good and responsible Interior Designer someday. 
3. I am an improving sketcher and painter 
4. I write to tell the world what my heart says 
5. I love to dance when I am happy 
6. I like to spread smile to everyone. 
7. I hate reading books with only text. 
8. I am sweet, caring and love to make new friends and know people in person. 
9. I like counselling if someone needs help anytime. 
10. I want to be live my life my way 
11. I want to become famous for my talent and work 

Following are the answers to the questions I was asked! 

Describe you in one line?
An aspiring girl living in extremes in all ways, may it be Love, happiness, care, hate or

Why do you Blog?
I blog to speak out all my feelings in form of writings and poems. I cannot stay alive without
expressing myself.

What is your Aim?
I aim to become a successful recognized happy Interior Designer.

If you have a Super Power what will you do?
Become a bird and travel around the world!!!!

One person whom, you want to be with you all your life, why? (not parents, lover, children)
MYSELF. I do not want to loose myself ever, because my identity and passion in whatever I do or I am lies in the fact that I LOVE MYSELF A LOT.

The person whom you miss desperately, why?
There isn’t anybody to miss. People I love are always around me.

Most memorable moment in your life?
The moment that I cherish the most is when I held my real brother in my hands after his birth.

Social Networking in your view?
Its good to stay connecting and spread your thoughts and let people know who you are, but its still a virtual world.

Do you believe in Love at first sight? if no why?
No I don’t, because it always takes time to develop that understanding with Love, which retains any relation, and it cannot happen in a flick.

One thing you like to change about yourself?
Being sensitive and extreme.

Your views on my Blog?
The blog, ‘Beginner’ is about real incidents and small poems telling tales and wishes of people around and in each one of us somewhere.

Now here come my set of questions for you:
  1. What is that one passion in your life you will do anything for?
  2. You love writing? Mostly yes…Why writing is so important for you?
  3. If life had nothing to offer, what would you create?
  4. Is there any inspiration in your life? (person, thing, event)
  5. As a blogger, what do you look forward to in other blogs?
  6. Critically, what do you think my blog actually conveys?
  7. Describe Love in three words…( no sentences, 3 individual words )
  8. Do you like first penning down something in your notebook before posting? Reason?
  9. Describe writing in a sentence?
  10. If you had to give away any one habit of yours for someone, what would it be? (For whom?)
  11. Everyone dreams. Is there any one dream you remember, and would like to make it real someday?

Here comes the list of Bloggers who Deserves this Award. Some of you I don;t know at all, but as I like your work too, and for all of you I wish you keep writing and inspiring the world, hereby I NOMINATE YOU....

1. FROM THE POET’S HEART - http://www.ashwindodani.in/

2. LIVING UNBOUND - http://mahakak.blogspot.in/

3. WANDERING MIND; SOULFUL HEART - http://rashmirajan.blogspot.in/

4. MESMERIC MUSINGS - http://varsha-kalyani.blogspot.in/

5. HOWDY BUDDY - http://techsavio.blogspot.in/

6. LIFE AS IT IS, IN RAW YET AMAZING WAY - http://newjoysoflife.blogspot.in/

7. EMOTIONAL RUSH - http://emotionalrush.blogspot.in/

8. VIVACIOUS PUERILE - http://surbhibafna.blogspot.in/

9. NIMMY’S KITCHEN - http://nimmyskitchen.blogspot.in/

10. AIMING BEYOND INFINITY - http://ankitmahato.blogspot.in/

11. PANCHALIBOLCHI - http://panchalibolchi.blogspot.in/

Congratulations to all of you!!!


  1. Congrats on the Award :) It was nice knowing you a bit better :) All the very best for those deep desires friend :)

  2. I feel great to Nominated you... even this post shows how much you really deserve this award... take care...

  3. @kriti: I so agree with Sasikumar Rajappan you richly deserve this award. There are thousands of people out there who blog for the sake of popularity; whose motivation is for self gratification.
    While most of us do indeed seek this and derive such, there is no more great satisfaction than having people inspired by them and help those who may be *lost*. your posts are thought provoking; those matter-of-fact statements that do not, in any way, come off as preachy but just sincere; true to someone who is also just a traveler in this world. and looking for questions... Keep it up Kriti... personally, I am very to have met you and be your friend... blessed be :)Thank you too for nominating my blog.

  4. @Sasikumar - Thank you so much!

    @Sheila - I feel obliged so much by reading your compliments and frank comments!According to me blogging should be a sincere approach towards writing always, only then does its value become deep and inspirational!And where these words lie truly, popularity adds in automatically!

  5. Thankx a lot for nominating me ...
    I am deeply honoured :')

  6. Thanks for the love, Kirti...and getting a liebster for the sixth time makes me really really pleased:))
    Enjoyed reading your answers and getting to know a bit more about you! Some of the bloggers are new to me, so I will absolutely check them out!
    Thanks for nominating me :))

  7. @Ankit : You are welcome.
    @Panchali : Its great to know its your 6th award. And you are welcome. Keep blogging!

  8. OMG!!! Can't believe I'm nominated for LIEBSTER award. Thank -you so much ma'am!! I'm deeply honoured. Kudos!!! :) :) :)

  9. Hey Surbhi....u r most welcome. And call me Kriti, no Ma'am ;) Keep Blogging!