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The cool breeze Touched my Heart.....

Sunset at Nal Sarover, Ahmedabad
This poem is the first one I ever wrote. I was very much moved with an unusual splash of rain that happened one evening  of the year 2004. I just wrote down what I felt in the form f a poem...and here it goes...

Far beneath the sky I saw,
A never ending beauty,
The green creation that was raw,
After the brown city.

The sky was fresh,
With the clouds that were grey,
The water was good enough to splash,
Followed with the rainy spray.

The breeze was cool,
With joyful thoughts that often came and went.
That green creation was simply cool!
With all those leaves that bent.

Ah! What a wonderful sight, has God given to me today...
Ah! A heartily thanks for such a lovely spray...

Its not winter, nor its hot, nor its a rainy day,
But in short, a mixture of all, to make one pleasant day..

As far as my eyes reach,
There is pure grey in the sky,
And as deep as I can feel,
Is the cool touch of the breeze that just passed by.

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  1. What a wonderful sight, has God given...
    A heartily thanks for such a lovely spray...