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Finally, its Mine!!

Decisions and Fate, do they ever go together?
And if they do, then why to me, do they bother?
My fate has never given me way,
My decisions have never made my day
A wholly crap of dependency lies,
Around a pile of suffering truth and crumbs of lies;
My smallest problems have seemed always too big,
My little heart has to always make the toughest jig;
Whenever I long to see the sunshine,
The darkness gives its horror sign
As soon everything seems to be fine,
All turns away as if it was never mine…
They say, “Every cloud has a Silver lining”
I know this, still my heart’s pining
For things which are small, but seem too big
And not for problems which actually need to fix…Really Quick!!!

Why, what and how to grasp the life’s Policy?
When, what and where to look for that craving intimacy
Of Love, of care, which seems to be missing somewhere?
A mind too silent, but always thinking like a running hare.
Well, my life’s actual leader is finally me…
The one who designs and executes each policy…
But then the reason why it’s so complicated,
Is the way it has been interpreted…
Like a team goes haywire when not coached well,
I am the coach of my life, the one who casts the spell,
A spell to make the magic happen,
 A spell to bring that mysterious climax
Finally it’s me, who has the power and control,
To make each bite yummy and delicious,
Or to just let it go waste!!


  1. I am going to save this one! Thank you for this! No more words. Kudos!

  2. Wowww...that itself is compliment buddy :) U r most welcome always!!

  3. Kriti Kandhari your poem is alwayes good, to good, very nice,you are great personality,

  4. very aptly, awesomely, perfectly written. kudos :)

  5. Nice composition. You weave well with words. Kudos!