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People are like....MATERIALS

Wikipedia says :
"Material is anything made of matter, constituted of one or more substances. Sometimes the term "material" is used more narrowly to refer to substances or components with certain physical properties that are used as inputs to production or manufacturing."

I would say, we humans also are different types of materials. We are either Raw or Finished. We are seldom rough, other times smooth. We are tough or flow easily. But we all are materials. Every material has a different property and the objects or say crafts produced from it have properties dependent on their raw material. Every human being has unique properties like a material has. Some tend to be reactive, some tend to be calm. Some tend to form masterpieces, others are found in abundance everywhere.

People like water flow smoothly and take volume of any situation. They are very flexible, transparent, clear and dissolve just anything coming their way. They have no colour when in original stae. But they tend to take colour of the strong flavours absorbed by them. Sweetness and saltiness given by others, do not appear to disturb them in any way and they retain their clarity. Such people are important in each one of our lives, and form the essential part of society. They are very helpful to everyone.

People like Clay are very natural, enjoyable to play with and easily mould into any shape with the touch of other. If the touch is soft and full of love, they become amazing forms, unbeleivable to eyes. But if handled to just scramble aay, they become loose, sticky and useless and mix with the earth. With time they become stiff but somewhere gain cracks easily. Break them, and they are gone completely.

People like Stone are too hard to deal with. They have an unbreakable heart, we can say. Whatever may come, they aren't affected. You need to keep dripping like continuous water in order to change their nature or way of thinking. Their tough nature is either creative or turns fatal for others. But they can be carved into masterpieces if given a right direction and tools.

People like wood are soft and strong at the same time. If they can get carved into fine crafty stuff, they can also form amazing joinery for strong bonds to retain.

People like glass are brittle but transparent, honest, true. You can actually see through them. They never speak what they don’t want to. They are straight to the point, and say whatever comes their way in thoughts. They actually never lie. Sometimes they tend to form crystals and stay strong, other times so brittle, that they break to never-joining pieces. But the worst part is, these pieces don’t hurt them, but they hurt others to realize “wish they could join them again”

People like metal can be precious as well as fake, but they are very strong and slender. They can be beaten to a certain shape. Form mixed alloys, mixed nature. Not easy to deal with always.

People like paper can be amazing memories to keep but easy to tear away too. They are clear in original, but carefully save your feelings, secrets and ca be refereed back again and again. they can be colourful, they can be totally white. They can become amazing forms if crafted well and too fragile to handle if treated badly. You need to value their importance rightly.

People like rubber are very elastic and actually stretchable. They can retain almost any kind of shocks and nothing happens to them. They are soft, but tough.

People like plastic, have a total plastic life. They are artificial, but colourful. They can mold in just any shape and situation. They do not break easily either. They last long and know ow to maintain themselves. They are smooth and attractive.

Well, there are endless materials in this world, and now you can well relate yourself and others to some particular ones. I have just mentioned the ones I found noticeable in people with my experiences. Each one of you will have a unique one surely.

As the other materials are by products of the original…So are humans. That’s why everyone is unique in some or the other way.
And finally, some materials are incomplete without the others. Some dissolve with their own types, some find ones with exactly opposite properties and make a great bond. Some are best alone. We all have a vague idea as to the kind of designs and crafts possible with more than one materials. Some get carved, others inlaid, some need to be fastened and some fabricated. Some form flexible joints, others transform totally into something else.

But the gist of this theory is, each one of us has a unique identity somewhere, waiting to explore something new and make a name, make something which all including your own-self can admire. We must never give away our own properties for the sake of becoming something else, its nothing but a fake identity then.
Retain your Identity people, Be yourself, You may never know....there may be a precious stone hiding in you somewhere!!!

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