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That night was cold, and the wind had a chill,
That sudden discourse, of the silent windmill,
A heart too lonely, a heart in pain,
Wanted to give up all and just go insane….
Maybe it was bad time, maybe out of control…
Maybe it was worst time, maybe a downfall

A stage of life, a shivering knife.
A deadly…coldly…straining strife.
To flaunt like a swan…to dream for the stars,
To dance in that rain, to wash all the scars,
Maybe it was a hope, maybe it wanted to elope;
Maybe it was a charm, maybe it wanted more.

Out of all those moments…those breathless memories…
A soul inside, never wanted to be lonely.
But when the end has to come, no one can control…
Hopes die…tears sigh, a body separated by the soul…
Maybe it will come back, maybe life will find its way
Maybe if its just a bad dream, maybe I will wake up one day.


  1. Maybe out of the blue
    When the night meets the dawn
    Maybe then I'll get some answers
    Hiding behind the cloak of darkness.
    Maybe in my haste to find perfection
    I overlooked the one that's true.
    Holding the knife that cuts as deep
    As the maybes my heart keeps.

  2. @sheila - You really added a nice phrase to my poem to give it more meaning...thank u.
    @ashi - Thanks yar !!