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Discovering Life Around

From the morning shower of sunlight, 
                            to the shimmering hour of moonlight; 
Each little being, each little spec, 
                            has so much to teach us in just a single sight, 
The glorious sun works perfect each day, 
                            waking me up with His morning glare, 
Falling softly on the lazy eyes, 
                            which hesitate to open after a dreamy affair!! 
The nasty birds, the Cameramen of God, 
                            He keeps a check as if who’s doing what 
Those naughty peeps, these little freaks, 
                            with their blowing fleets come chirping to stare 
A noisy beginning but rhythmic somewhere, 
                            brings with it a bright new day. 
The first cup of tea, is so incomplete, 
                           without the herbal leaves, offering their share 
And the perfect day begins finally, 
                           with all these creations, working in unity 
Diversity indeed, exists widely, 
                           but connected they are truly somewhere. 
With flowering blooms, the colourful sooth, 
                          make the heart blossom now and then… 
Even the little ants in fleet, form a linear meet, 
                         falling down just to get up again… 
Efforts that they put, make the eyes so hooked, 
                         how come they just don’t feel any pain? 
The spider works hard, the lizards crawl by, 
                         scary though, but have their own life, 
Its strange but true, we all form a crew, 
                         in a house which is totally a lively hive. 
But in the end its incomplete, as they all teach, 
                        to live proudly every spec of Life.

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  1. Congratulations for this post! This is one of your best works I will say! Keep Up buddy :)

  2. Thanks Ashii :) I just gave a little try to my talent in an extra ordinary way ;)

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  4. wow! wonderfully written, every minute activity placed bfully. :)picturesque lovely lines <3

  5. Thanks a tonne Varsha :) I am glad u liked it...

  6. great work Kriti.. very thoughtful
    u've beautifully penned down the life and God's creations :-)

  7. Beautiful creation.. I could relate with each sentence perfectly...

  8. Thanks a lot :) Its my pleasure to know that!!