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Mirage of my Life!!!!

An illusion to behold....
A story untold...
A far away somewhere...
Can be reached from nowhere...
Yes you are the Mirage of my life !!!

A vanishing flame...
An already lost game...
A feeling so pure...
An omnipresent cure.....
Yes, you are the Mirage of my Life.

A shivering hold...
Unsolvable fold...
Wavering past glory...
A magical memory....
Yes you are Indeed the Mirage of my Life.

I cannot have you....
But I can still feel you....
I cannot reach you...
But can still enjoy your sight....
You are the ultimate Mirage of my Life!!!!

Just 10 minutes is what it took me to write this................!!


  1. Most of the times life is like mirage, taking us for a ride. Nice poetry.

  2. Super! Great! I enjoy reading your poems. Here is my big smile ^______^ for you and others.

  3. Thank u so so much Miss Li Chun Lee :)

  4. beautiful poem written around a unique thought.. you are the mirage of my life..

    Well done.. It's beautiful.

  5. @kriti: ain't this a beautiful coincidence that we are fascinated by Mirages..... I happen to have written a poem of the same title:

    You're close enough for me to touch

    Or could my mind be playing tricks on me again?

    Dream walking to where you are

    As time stood still.

    Flitting images pass before me

    A myriad of colors drifting in and out.

    Glaring at something

    But not knowing what.

    A mirage that doesn't come alive.

    Leaving a hollow feeling deep inside.

    I'm left in this place

    Where you don't even remember me.

    I am empty, I am numb

    Lose myself in countless dreams and images

    Wishing they may just be real

    And I'm really there with you.

    But just like yesterday

    And all the days before

    Only an imprint of you survives,


    ---asheil.July 9, 2011. Saturday.1415Hrs.---

  6. @deepak - Thank you so much Sir!
    @sheila - its really a co-incidence and wonderful fact that we interpreted and described one beautiful image - a mirage - which actually isn;t there in real...but our thoughts have managed to visualise it...beautifully indeed!! Kudos!!!!

  7. nice poem Kriti.. and the fact being you wrote it in just 10 min is really fantastic...love - Pooja

  8. @pooja - Thank you so much di :) Loves