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Can I call it REVENGE?

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Ever imagined a possibility such… 

Where a dream comes true with efforts not much? 

Ever craved for a feeling as such… 

Where a moment of pain vanishes with a touch? 

Hopes are many, wishes are endless… 

Dreams in a penny, stories in a nutshell… 

Grieving sights, tears of despair… 

Happiness craving for sparkles to declare… 

A hailing truth, a falsely storm… 

Waits by closely to destroy your warmth… 

Running in a crowd, forced to walk 

Waiting for doors to open, the doors that are locked! 

A cuddly feel, but a fake visual 

A shivering belief, but soggy ritual 

Hovers in air, an aimless affair… 

Ready to tear some grappling stare. 

Then the hopes go down and faces depart 

Left with shatter in millions of hearts 

Inviting new challenge, calling for a rage 

Some millionth part of a chapter in this world called stage! 

And the victory beholds in the hands of some unknown 

But you are left with questions alone 

Imagination ruins and takes a downfall… 

You crave for that touch to give a safety call 

Strangling and blabbering are emotions inside 

Does the feeling of revenge really take pride?

For things in your hands which you slowly let loose,

For some feeling of hatred which led you on a cruise..

Of stormy rides, of meaningless prides..

A ruined world, which you were made to choose.

By a mind so lost in a chilling frost,

And a heart so alone, in some filthy slot

You surely cannot dance, wearing a pair of oversize shoes

But this realization also comes with the shoes you choose!!!


  1. Hi Kriti,

    Very true, the last 2 lines make complete sense. It is only after we wear the wrong shoes do we come to know that they don't fit, similarly, it is only after we try something new do we come to know whether it is good for us or not.
    Good post, liked it very much :)

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    1. Thank you Jay! I am glad you Liked it! And indeed its hard to realise just anything without experience and experiments!! Kudos!

  2. last lines are superb,,,loved the poem..:) keep it up.

    1. Thank you so much Ruchi!! Feel free to follow :)

  3. You write like a dream, Kriti! Beautifully done. Cheers! :D