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I Miss you...Yes, I do!

There are some people in your life, you tend to miss at some point of time, not like you dying to be with them forever, but for those rare moments you shared once with them. These moments become memories, indeed sweetest of ever, and you get charged up all over again whenever you rewind back. I have shared such rare moments too with some people, who eventually became really good friends, while some I know just as a glimpse of that time, But still, they did make a difference somewhere. I value each one of them and their memory is like a silver lining between the dark clouds that set in my life now and then. This little poem is dedicated to each one of them. Thank you for being there when I was finding a New meaning to my Life.

Missing, a feeling, a healing, to something so real,
Had felt in those moments of truthfulness surreal
Like a wave of, in the caves of memories to unfurl;
You came to, remained so precious like a pearl.
That shine …so fine…remains still so prime;
Faded not yet, to forget the farthest marines,
Of the laughter, one after the moments we shared in games,
Even a slightest, but the mightiest of shines in the flickering flame.

I miss you, yes I do…you always pass my mind through;
Even for that single time, that time which couldn't be better in few.

I miss you, Yes I do…for all those colourful rainbows you showed;
That filled in my life with butterflies, each time of spring, each time it snowed.

I may not, have spent all. A lifetime to recall;
But I have learned …I have earned…the priceless treasures of all.

Still I…crave and try…To relive every fraction of that mile
That walked I…in shadows of you…in the snowy path through every tile.

Life comes with surprises to cheer…
And with you I have given up so many fears…
The real meaning of Freely Living today…
Came only with the experiences shared your way…
So I miss you…and will do…to slowly peep back through my memory lane..
That shared we…calmly that carried we…in real..in life common to us somewhere!!


  1. You are going to ace this genre. Every line voiced out your feelings well.Kudos :)

  2. Thank u so much @ashi @surbhi @rashmi

  3. Touching :) yes we all miss memories created in past :)

  4. Thanks Varsha! Yes some memories are beautiful to recall just anytime!