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Don't console me please.....!

I wished for your smile, but you took mine away…
I wished for your happiness, but you stole mine away…
I wished for you – a bright day, but you left darkness my way…
All had I wished you to hold my hand, but ultimately you made me Lonely today.

I had hopes so innocent, dreams to cherish around…
But you took them away with you and made me numbly clowned!

I had sparkles in my eyes when I watched you come towards me…
But you changed my life into a tear producing industry!

I had learned to live again. Hope again. Dream again with you…
But you shattered it all, destroyed me to fall in an island made of sand dunes!

Now hatred is all I carry with me, to an unending sea of silence beneath
Waiting for the storm to come, and take me away to earth's underneath;
Bury me in a world, in a place, where I can learn to die in real…
As falseness is all left with me, pretense ruling among fears!

Life is something I don’t understand today, Love is a show off stuff
If there is something left in you from me, kindly return to my gulf!

Not to give back the love I had once showered on you with an open heart selflessly…
But to give me a hope to live, to live without hating somebody!
Not to console, or hold me just for the sake of giving me life;
But to teach me to be selfish and think about myself, and not pretend to be a butterfly.
As this world including you, sets the butterfly to freely sway first day…
Only to ruin its colours, originality and cut its wings for their own selfish ways.


  1. loved it kriti...
    each line portrays the ache of a broken heart

  2. Thanks Rashmi. I guess many broken hearts can relate to this well!

  3. Painful words...Sufferings personified.

  4. Sometimes pain is the only feeling expressed naturally through words!