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Stop creating MONSTERS in the Society!

Today I am writing this post with immense pain in my heart from the recent incident where a five year old was raped in a horrendous way and which has brought just numbness inside many of us, fear in most of us and rage with no reactions from the concerned! Another horrific incident, another terrible reality, another incident with screams screeching through our hearts, an incident which repeats itself yet in another, innocent form questioning our society in so many ways.

For a while, I don't want to point fingers at the JUDICIARY or the POLICEMEN or even the GOVERNMENT, I just want to ask something to each one of you, ARE YOU A HUMAN or just a HOMO-SAPIEN or not even that? Please don't be surprised with this question, there is a huge difference between a Human and a Homo-sapien and an ANIMAL! A civilized man can control his urge to being attracted to the opposite sex (of any age) may what come. Why do we term human as a Social animal and not an ANIMAL? Social, the word comes from a Society, the so - called Civilized Society. But the process of being civilized comes from a many number of things. The bringing up, the culture and most importantly... RESPECT! So, where is that respect? 

I am obviously concerned of the Laws not being taken into action, but more than that what I am concerned is WHY DID THIS INCIDENT EVER TOOK PLACE? She is just a 5 year old after all. JUST A FIVE YEAR OLD GIRL! What was her fault, to be born a GIRL IN THIS SHAMELESS SOCIETY OF MONSTERS? 

Now coming to the judiciary and our so-called LAW SYSTEM and Police force, well its because the dragging attitude they carry out in these incident that has increased the number of fearless monsters moving freely in our society. The less the fear, the more the crimes. The present reactions from our speechless government and non-reactive judiciary is a reason why these crimes keep on happening. Well, yes the criminal gets arrested sometimes, but what next? BAIL, JAIL (for some days, months? okay years...then?) Is that really enough? If the criminal is a COMMON MAN.....with uncommon urges, he is sent to jail (for sometime!!) If he is spoiled brat of a Powerful Rich family, no long he is arrested, is he bailed out! Why are our laws so weak that the criminals aren't scared of committing crimes? 

The history always repeats itself, and when it comes to innocent people, well they are the one suffering always, just ALWAYS!! Its true, that these cases appear to have taken rise recently, but the truth is, we have become aware of them recently owing to the media and awareness on this terms. But is being aware enough? Why do we finally end up taking responsibilities of our and have to think twice before going just anywhere? Why are parents more scared to sent their daughters outside than the criminals who should be more scared of committing a crime? 
Indian women actually are born with the tagline - LIVE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!
It is taken for granted now, even by our culture and system, that females should be in limits. What limits - have you tried to understand that word 'limit' for a woman? Well, it ranges from a numerous number of things starting from timings, clothes, behaviour to making friends, their education, freedom etc. and the list is endless. And not only this, when something happens to a girl, people raise fingers at her only!! But in all this, what did you do? Well, YOU GAVE BIRTH TO A MONSTER SOMEWHERE.....inside you and inside many people who believe that controlling a girl's freedom is all it takes to protect her from the crimes in the society. Well the answer to this is a big NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coming back to the recent incident, rape of a 5 year old innocent girl, well what limits were set for her by the way? That she should stop portraying being a girl? Or just because she is too small to protect herself and rage her voice against the crime being committed on her? If we want to ignore something for just any reason, we will get thousand reasons to do that! The point is not that our system does not act, the point is that we all are running a factory of producing monsters somewhere and the roots of this production need to be destroyed completely. When we stop a girl from doing something just for the sake of her femininity or that our culture doesn't permit such, in name of protection, we allow someone else to take that point for granted and consider every girl to do the same. In this process we pass a signal, that it s okay to get the urge to impose your wants on her, but it is not okay if she wants to live her own life, on her terms. 

When the Prime Minister stayed quiet so long and the Gang-rape victim was struggling for her life, his silence conveyed that there isn't a big deal about that crime...and HE GAVE BIRTH TO MONSTERS somewhere! 
When the policeman slapped the girl who protested, and water guns were projected at the crowd asking for justice, they conveyed that raising your voice will not help, and innocent people are meant to suffer....and THEY GAVE BIRTH TO MONSTERS somewhere.
When the parents allowed the boy to do everything and the girl was stopped from doing the same, just because SHE WAS A GIRL, they conveyed that its her fault being born a girl and that if something happens it will be more her fault than the criminal...and THEY GAVE RISE TO MONSTERS somewhere!

This discussion is something that can go on for years and years in form of countless examples, debates, meetings, petitions and what not....but the fact remains, somewhere our society is creating monsters who cannot control their urges and rages, wants and powers and end up doing horrendous crimes, just because sometimes in their life they were not taught to RESPECT and CONTROL! 

Horrendous crimes need horrendous punishments as well. Destroying the roots will come from creating a fear among people from being scared to even think of doing any such thing. It is NOT JUST ANY OTHER CRIME......IT IS A CRIME, more Punishable and more Brutal and Inhuman. As long the fear of preventing a girl of her freedom is more than the fear of imposing your urges on her, the rapes will never end! Afterall, we don't stop living just with the fear of getting murdered, do we? Then why are girls are prevented to do so....think again!


  1. Kriti while your pain is understandable as the nation is going through the same feeling of repeated insecurity,disgust and aggression

    The entire issue is due to lack of thinking by the culprits !! as i mentioned in one of my comments on a fellow blogger's post on the same issue- either Talibanism or Spirtitualism.. the nation has to select and implement to eradicate this issue..either catch them and kill them brutally in public so that before even uttering letter r of rape ppl should shiver.. else ..introduce spiritual connect in schools,gurukuls and madarsas.. let the kids be taught the right approach of living life than competing for best ranks in maths and science . whats the point ??? they will grow up in an urban society and at the most stand with posters to be thrown away by fire cannons or protest on facebook and twitter or blog about ?? whatelse are we doing ?? Why govts ?? we need to take initiatives .... beyond this virtual world !! its now or never ..ever !!

    1. I totally agree with you. We need to react in either of the ways else nothing will happen ever. It has to start with each one of us, spreading the word, the Govt. alone cannot do anything. I am sure, REVOLUTION isn't far enough!!!