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Confusions, a while!

Rough or clear? Shadowed in fear,
Confusions a while, hold me near,
A drop of tear, a preyed on deer,
A body hanging on a sharpened spear.

Here or there? Actually nowhere,
Mistakes done alone have no share,
As incidents of life peep to snare
A tumbling foot after the running hare.

Catch or snatch?  Difficult to fetch
The doors of hopes have tightened their latch,
As flicks of experiences leave a patch
On the clear background with just no match.

Try or fly? But where and Why?
Moments so fast, just flash by,
Wishes thunder a glimpse so shy,
Hesitations countless, force to lie.

Endless or pointless? The game plays on,
Life lays silent behind a lonely song...
Answered or unanswered speech so long,
Planned to let go or planned to stay on?

More or Less? Life is a mess,
Confusions a while totally meaningless!
Murmuring a chant having no-one to bless
Begging to grant a life, not so Hopeless!