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Often Wonder...

Photo credits: Website: http://ipaintingsforsale.com/painting/wondering_at_las_brujas-29035.html
Fabian Perez Paintings - Fabian Perez Wondering at Las Brujas Painting

I often wonder…
Am I so addicted to you?
When I keep craving to relive all those moments with you;

I often wonder…
Am I still in Love with you?
When you keep going away and I only run after you;

I often wonder…
What keeps me pulling towards you?
When your eyes sparkle and peep me through.

I often wonder…
Will my dreams ever come true?
When I close my eyes to sleep and all I see is YOU!

Answers in blunder…
Life seems like a long queue
Where I stand waiting for the pearl-like morning dew.

Still I wonder…
Could there be someone better than you?
When my heart lies scared of separating from you.

Seasonal thunders….
Will any of above ever come true?
What lies beneath me is silence all through.

My mind ponders...
Revolving around a mystery with shallow clues;
Glimpses of memories which made me fall in love with you.


  1. I am deeply enamored by this poem Kriti.... the words you used are so poignant that it touches someone so deep... it is highly sentimental, truthful, and the words are just sensational...

    I often wonder,
    When will these pondering cease?
    I close my eyes
    And wander
    To a time not Real
    To a past that seems just a dream.
    Butterfly touches that echoes my longings,

    1. Thank you so much Sheila. I love that extra stanza you keep adding with my poems. Feels as if my work is appreciated and honoured in the imagination of someone else :) Thanks again,

  2. An apt picture to the very awesome poem! Beautifully penned Kriti. Loved each and every word of it :)