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The Eyes – they weave a story beneath, 

A story waiting for something to reap, 

Looking like some sparkling ocean deep

Hiding dreams of a freedom fleet.

Carrying a calmly velvety feel; 

Eyes have tangled tales to reveal. 

The first glimpse of love is shone so bright 

In the eyes of the innocent, a foggy light 

The rage of angers, thundering roars, 

Blind out the sight against all odd shores. 

Where Emotions find their way to express; 

Where the heart depends to depress; 

Where the soul finds a suitable mate; 

Love at first sight happens at this gate. 

Quiet and calm, eyes don’t make noise, 

Still speak the truth without raising a voice. 

A look into them can make hearts go crazy 

A colour of love can make your world go hazy; 

Millions of tales, still the eyes never lie,

Countless feelings, still the eyes only shy,

When a peep of intimacy comes their way 

Eyes accept them smiling away 

Reflecting only a shimmering wave

A look so right, a shine so rare.

Eyes hold a silence, eyes can dare to scare
Eyes save a balance between death and prayers
Eyes express all in words no need to be told.
Eyes carry that depth within, can make the heart get sold.


  1. Another master piece..

    great work.

  2. Truly splendid verse.
    You captured all what eyes can speak, what eyes can do. A very well woven verse.
    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

    1. Thank you Surbhi and sorry for that inconvenience regarding posting comments, but recently had someone posting advertisements, so had to put this moderation thing. Dnt wry, your comments wil get published timely :) I appreciate them heartily. Thank you again.

  3. Where did my comment go?
    Plz remove the verification process.

  4. Agree with ashu, one of your best, loved it <3 awesomely written. Kudos! :)